light shore「光の岸」: Installation by Sota Suzuki

I was invited to have my first solo art exhibition at gallery ROCKET in Aoyama, Tokyo. The ‘light shore‘ is video installation appears in the shadows by using mirrors and projecting lights, for the little basement gallery space only opens during night. The repetitive movement of the waves looks as if it’s breathing makes the whole space feel expanding and contracting continuously. And the biorhythm of the nature gradually penetrates viewer’s minds.


Sound design: Yuta Segawa
Invitation: Design direction: Arata Maruyama | Printing direction: Luigi Ronchetti | Printing: Progetto stampa, Switzerland
Cooperation: gift_ | Notcho’s Workshop | Hideo Nakayasu | Numa Books
Solo art exhibition・個展
> press release・プレスリリース

Feb. 5th−16th, 2008

gallery ROCKET, Aoyama, Tokyo